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The result of synergy of the fintech ecosystem Concord Fintech Solutions and Beeline Kazakhstan is the opening of 100 000 Simp!y cards in 2 months

In 2 months since the release, the Kazakh mobile neobank Simp!y has attracted 250 000 users who have opened 100 000 digital cards. The project was created by Beeline Kazakhstan in cooperation with the Ukrainian processing center ProCard, which is an element of the open fintech ecosystem Concord Fintech Solutions.

“We are glad for our partners from Kazakhstan. The rapid growth of users who install the application and open digital cards for themselves indicates that the product is of high quality and relevant. In turn, I am very pleased that our open fintech ecosystem was also involved in the creation of this fintech product. This is another confirmation of the fact that synergy in the financial services market is much more effective than competition and rivalry”, - noted Elena Sosedka, the founder of Concord Fintech Solutions.

 One of the elements of the Ukrainian fintech ecosystem is ProCard company -  the processing center of the Simp!y project. Integration works to create the necessary infrastructure have been going on for the last 11 months and are carried out completely in the remote mode.

“Congratulations to our partners for such an impressive performance that they have managed to achieve in just the last two months. Less than a year ago, we just started our acquaintance with colleagues from the Simp!y project. During this time, we agreed on the terms of reference, formed an MVP, started and successfully completed the project in the Visa payment system. Everyone knows that communication between technical services and the business can be quite difficult, especially if the product needs to be released to the market as soon as possible. I believe that in this project we have reached the possible maximum of collaboration and constructivism and have successfully passed the exam, working in the conditions of the "covid economy". The one hundred thousandth Simp!y card is an excellent result of our collective work”, - emphasized Konstantin Kaduk, CEO of the processing center ProCard.

It is worth reminding that Concord Fintech Solutions is the first open fintech ecosystem in Ukraine, within which the financial market participants can create and develop their own fintech projects. The unified infrastructure is formed by the bank “ConcordBank”, the independent processing center ProCard, the payment service ConcordPay, the IT company MustPay, the billing system MassPay, and the Charity Exchange “DobroDiy”.

We also recall that Simp!y is the first neobank in Kazakhstan, which carries out all operations in a mobile application linked with a user's phone number. Also, the number of the client's card is lined with his mobile number. Simp!y provides a direct integration of the card with the mobile balance and the ability to use it as a source of funds for a card transaction.

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