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Handed over the largest batch of innovative sapper systems made in Ukraine to the territorial defense forces of the AFU

On February 20, 2023, a presentation for the media and the transfer of 35 sets of radio lines for the control of explosive devices to the territorial defense forces of the AFU took place at the Kyiv Central Branch #111 of the ConcordBank at 4 Mykoly Hrinchenka Street. The production of the largest batch of ПК-8 sapper systems worth UAH 1.75 million was financed by the Concord Fintech Solutions, the first open fintech ecosystem in Ukraine.

For the first time, the military told the media representatives present at the event about the innovative Ukrainian development, possible uses of the ПК-8 sapper system and showed real examples of its use in battles with the occupiers. 

The ПК-8 sapper system is better than its enemy analogues in all respects. Its main purpose is wireless remote control of minefields and single charges. The system can operate in electronic warfare (EW) conditions and blow up objects at a distance of up to 4 km, and even serve as a repeater. The technical features, number of modifications and national production make the ПК-8 sapper system a multi-purpose and reliable weapon for the AFU. Thanks to the financial support of the Concord Fintech Solutions, the territorial defense forces have met the basic needs of the systems that will strengthen the state's defense capabilities in war. 

The CFS representatives received letters of appreciation from the Command of the Territorial Defense Forces of the AFU for their systematic support of territorial defense units.

“We are proud to be involved in the production of innovative ПК-8 sapper systems. As a bank and a fintech, we understand the possibilities and importance of modern technologies. We apply them in our work, creating digital services and products that help to hold the economic front line. At the same time, important work is being done by national designers and manufacturers who create and modernize technologies to protect Ukraine. That's why we have chosen the "Technologies for Victory" direction, where we support Ukrainian engineers and developers in the development of domestic military advanced technologies” – says Yurii Zadoia, Chairman of the Board of the ConcordBank.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, CFS, whose platform is ConcordBank, has been donating a significant portion of its profits to the needs of the AFU. For 11 months, ConcordBank's total assistance to the Ukrainian army and hospitals amounted to more than UAH 90 million, and CFS's total assistance amounted to more than UAH 100 million

Concord Fintech Solutions has already strengthened the AFU units with Ukrainian developments: 

  • 2 aviation reconnaissance complexes "Chaklun", which have been developed and improved by Dnipro designers since the beginning of the war;
  • together with NEOBANK customers raised funds for the purchase of a domestic bomber drone "Kazhan". 

“More than 200 military units have already received aid through the DobroDii Charity Exchange. On all fronts, at both zero and minus 1, the equipment we have donated helps our defenders. We have processed, purchased, transported and delivered more than 250 requests directly to the military. We are building official cooperation with the command of the units - in particular, with the Command of the Territorial Defense Forces - so that it is the military who determine where and what the defenders need most” – says Lolita Kuzina, Head of the Board of the DobroDii Charity Exchange. 

As for further plans, CFS and ConcordBank are considering financing the production of a batch of VIKHOR explosive machines for the territorial defense forces of the AFU in Ukraine. We are talking about 180 sets worth UAH 3.6 million 

Together to the Victory!

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