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“Technologies for Victory”: how the Concord Fintech Solutions fintech ecosystem helps the frontline with Ukrainian developments

Concord Fintech Solutions, the first open fintech ecosystem in Ukraine, has financed the production of innovative radio-controlled detonation systems developed by Ukrainian companies worth UAH 1.75 million. And already in February, the Territorial Defense Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive 35 sets of radio control lines for explosive devices. 

Representatives of the fintech ecosystem received commemorative letters of appreciation from the Command of the TDF of the AFU for their continuous support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Without support, there was no chance to quickly produce such a large batch of devices. We saved time that we could not afford to lose. Thanks to the fast and well-coordinated cooperation with the CFS team, our units will soon receive what they need to perform their combat missions” - said Colonel Taras Davydenko, Head of the Support Forces Department of the TDF Command.

The device is significantly better than its enemy analogs in all respects. The development is capable of operating in electronic warfare conditions (EWC). The domestic innovation helps to win battles and destroy enemy armored vehicles, manpower and infrastructure (bridges, roads, etc.) at a distance of up to 4 km. The Ukrainian device is cheaper than its international analogues, but not inferior in quality. 

Contribution of the ecosystem to the Victory

Concord Fintech Solutions, co-founded by Olena Sosiedka, invested about UAH 100 million in Victory over 11 months of the war.

“As a fintech, we have various opportunities of modern technologies that allow to bring the Victory closer, - says Olena Sosiedka. - Our IT specialists join the cyber army. Our NEOBANK digital bank has become a convenient platform for customers to donate to charity and support the AFU. Thanks to this, a Ukrainian army unit received a domestically produced bomber drone "Kazhan". Our digital charity exchange DobroDii has been operating for more than 8 years and is now a powerful operator of assistance to the army and hospitals. We constantly meet the needs of our defenders and medical staff. At this time, important work is being done by Ukrainian designers and manufacturers who create and modernize technologies to protect Ukraine. Therefore, we see cooperation with them as useful for Ukraine also in the development of innovation potential, creating advanced technologies for our Victory together”.

Among the items handed over to the AFU are several unmanned aircraft systems, more than 40 quadcopters, about 50 thermal imagers and 30 radio stations, charging stations, generators, equipment, construction materials and tools, etc. 

Concord Fintech Solutions regularly donates a significant portion of its profits to the needs of the Ukrainian army and hospitals (up to 50% in some months). The main financing is provided by ConcordBank, which is the core and platform of the CFS. The company's clients and partners also join charitable initiatives.

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