Important information on the implementation of IBAN accounts

Dear Clients!

At the request of the National Bank of Ukraine (Decree No. 162 of December 28, 2018 and No. 41 of February 22, 2019) JSC “KONKORD” offers international banking account number (IBAN). From August 5, 2019, all customer accounts in JSC “KONKORD” JSCB in national and foreign currencies (current, deposit, card, credit, etc.) will have an IBAN number. This will apply to both new accounts and accounts opened before August 5, 2019.

For accounts opened in JSC “KONKORD”, IBAN will have the following structure:

UA nn 307350 sssssccccccccccccccc, where

UA - country code of Ukraine;

nn (2 digits) - control digit generated by the bank;

307350 (6 numbers) - the code of the MFI AT “AKB“ KONKORD ”, in which the client's account is opened;

sssssssssssssssssssss (19 digits) - customer account number.

Example: UA993073500000026200000000001

For private customers, new account numbers will become available for viewing and making transfers in Internet banking "icON25" from August 5, 2019. Please note that the payment card number will not change. If you replenish a credit card or other card account by account details, from August 5, 2019 we recommend using new account details for replenishment - an account according to the IBAN standard.

The assignment of an international IBAN bank account number DOES NOT NEED to replace old accounts with new ones, conclude new contracts between the bank and the client, and re-issue powers of attorney for managing accounts.

All transfers from November 1, 2019 will be made using only IBAN.

During the transition period from August 5 to October 31, 2019, the bank will accept settlement documents for the transfer of funds both with the IBAN and in the old format (bank MFI + account number).

If you have any questions, please contact any convenient branch of JSC “KONKORD” JSCB or contact center.

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