4 days left to support your favorite bank in 4 nominations at PaySpace Magazine Awards 2019!

Concord bank is presented in four nominations at one of the most prestigious financial PaySpace Magazine Awards 2019, which annually determines the best companies and experts in the financial market of Ukraine on the basis of popular vote and expert jury evaluation!

It is in our power to make these victories real!

To do this, from November 1 to November 30:

Follow the link: https://psm7.com/awards-2019/en/nomination/

Navigate by link to each of the four categories:

  1. BEST INTERNET BANKING IN UKRAINE: https://psm7.com/awards-2019/en/nomination/company...
  2. BEST MOBILE APPLICATION OF THE BANK: https://psm7.com/awards-2019/en/nomination/company...
  3. BEST ONLINE PAYMENT PARTNER: https://psm7.com/awards-2019/en/nomination/company...
  4. BEST TECHFIN PROJECT: https://psm7.com/awards-2019/en/nomination/company...

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Join up in victory with Concord bank!

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