What is a guarantee fund?

The Guarantee Fund is a state institution that, in the event of the bank's liquidation, returns the funds to its depositors.

That is, our clients are protected both by CONCORDBANK as a stable financial institution and by the state.

According to theDecision of Deposit Guarantee Fund for Natural Persons No. 27 of August 29, 2012 the amount of reimbursement of funds on deposits, including interest, at the expense of the DGFNP is 200,000 UAH for one depositor.

That is, in the event of liquidation of the bank, depositors will be paid funds on all deposits, including accrued interest in the amount of the total amount of deposits, but not more than the limit of 200,000 UAH per depositor. As for deposits in foreign currency, the reimbursement will be made in UAH at the official exchange rate of the NBU on the date of liquidation of the bank.

Details of FGVFL:

Postal address: 04053, Kiev, st. Sich Riflemen, 17;
Phone: 0-800-308-108 (calls within Ukraine are free), 044-333-36-55 (at the rates of your telecom operator);
E-mail: fgvfo@fg.gov.ua
Internet address: www.fg.gov.ua

Bank's documents:

Certificate of participation of the DGFNP
Public contract CONCORDBANK

Information materials of the Guarantee Fund

Law of Ukraine “On the Deposit Guarantee System for Individuals"
Information on the deposit guarantee system for individuals
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“About the Deposit Guarantee Fund of individuals"
Terms of guaranteeing bank deposits
Place funds in the bank deliberately!
Place funds in the bank within the limit amount of compensation!
Bank burst or not, and the loan must be repaid!