Basic parameters of Blitz-Overdraft


from UAH 40 000,00 up to UAH 1 000 000,00


12 months




2 months (during this term the bank will not change the overdraft limit)




Company owner

Procedure of Overdraft limit settlement


15 % receipt to accounts in other banks, whichever is smaller than UAH 250 000.00

AS PER 3RD MONTH 30% receipt to accounts, opened in CONCORD bank, whichever is smaller than

Product passport

Customer overdraft service costs

Interest rate (per annum)22,0%
Overdraft initiation fee1.0% of the Overdraft limit
Commission for the provision of each Overdraft amount0.05% of the size of each such amount
Monthly commissionIs missing
Thanks to the employees of CONCORD bank!

«Our acquaintance with the bank began in spring 2016. The company`s office was visited by CONCORD bank employees, who held a bright presentation of existing banking products and financial services. Personally I, as a leader, was impressed by employees' love for the cause they are doing. The simplicity and variety of relevant proposals was really interesting. After short reflections, the company`s settlement accounts were opened in CONCORD bank in summer, which were initially planned to be used as additional bank accounts. But in the working process day by day I accustomed myself to the bank, its staff, service quality and efficiency on all issues that appear during the main activity of the enterprise. Since CONCORD Bank surpassed my expectations, taking into account favorable rates, the currency transactions were transferred to the bank.

It is worth noting individually that during the execution of foreign exchange operations we were provided with direct contact with the bank specialists, who carry out trades on the Interbank Currency Exchange of Ukraine (MVRU). Having considered their pieces of advice and recommendations, we got an opportunity to track currency market tendencies and on that to coordinate our economic activities. When there was a need for additional financing in the company, having evaluated the proposals of many banks, we chose CONCORD bank. Proposed financing conditions, the promptness of decision-making and the professionalism of the bank's employees were astonishing. Paying attention to the received service quality, it was decided to issue a payroll project for our employees in CONCORD bank.

It should be emphasized that for all the time of our cooperation with the bank we did not have any complaints about its working. Almost for half a year CONCORD bank, turned from the financial institution where we opened an account, into the main bank for us. Coming to the bank seems as coming home. I am grateful to the bank's employees, who are creating comfortable conditions for a client!»

Mysko Oksana Vasylivna, Director of “Porttekhinvest” LLC
Thank you for your service. I`m looking
forward to our every meeting!

«Thanks the employees of CONCORD bank! They work quickly, everything is always on time. The work is done qualitatively. When I go to the bank, they immediately operate with my deal and try to help. I come to the bank in relation with business activities - I use several products of the bank (cash and settlement service and overdraft). I always leave the bank in a good mood! The staff of this bank is the most polite in the city. Once again, thank to personnel for the diligent execution of duties!”»

Artem Rydui, Private entrepreneur
I chose CONCORD bank because of trust and convenience of servicing my account!

«CONCORD bank is pointed on small and medium business. The bank specialists constantly come up with some new programs for business development - an instant credit for the development of Overdraft Blitz, the ability to manage own accounts without an accountant from any tablet through icON business, then payroll pay projects that enable my employees to withdraw commission-free cash from any ATM of the country.»

Founder of the weapon stores chain “SAFARI” Oleksandr Panaskin
Thanks the CONCORD bank for the fine products!

We entrusted the Concord bank the servicing of our payroll pay projects, operating accounts, loans, overdrafts, bank guarantees and elite credit cards. Particularly impresses the creative approach even concerning the most complicated problems, professionalism of the team, benevolence and genuine desire to help, tendency to develop and introduce the most innovative products, and of course, the social responsibility of the bank and numerous charity events.

Supervisory board member of Concord Groups, Financial Director Kateryna Dei
Concord Bank MС Platinum helped me many times

Once my sister went to me by plane, but at the airport her cell phone discharged and she did not know how to find me! Then I dialed concierge service Concord Bank and a minute later on the main radio of the airport a voice told my sister where I was waiting for her. That is because I had a MС Platinum card from Concord Bank. What is more, in the frame of our charitable action, it was necessary to take 50 children from the circus and drive them to their orphan asylums. The concierge service organized everything in minutes! Besides, at one time I asked to send an evacuator for a large truck, which skidded on the track, but did not know the exact address of the occurrence. With the help of GPS navigation concierge service Concord Bank found us and saved the driver.

QA engineer of the internet-banking company “DBO-SOFT” Oleksandra Lomova