Concord bank started returning 8% on all colors and cosmetics

On the eve of holidays, everyone can save up to UAH 1000 without straining too much. All you need is to order a free card here, pick it up on the same day and pay for gifts. The promotion is valid from 1 to 27 March.

Where exactly does the card return 8% cashback?

1. In the chain of cosmetics and perfumery stores BROCARD, Bomond, Aromateque;
2. In any flower shops (such as “Tsvetopttorg”, “Viva Rosa”, etc.), which are officially registered as such, i.e., which have MCC 5992

How much can you actually return for the entire period of the promotion?

8% of all purchases, but up to 1000 hryvnia net of taxes. That is, the maximum amount that a person will receive on his inJoy card at the end of the promotion, on March 28, is 805 hryvnia.

How to get a cashback card for free?

1. just leave the contact details here;
2. in a minute the manager will call you back, confirm your application and invite you to pick up the inJoy card on the same day at the Concord bank office nearest to you;
3. Next, all you need is to pay any amount in any of the above-mentioned stores for any amount and get an 8% return on the money spent on the card on March 28.

Have questions?

Write or call: (068), (050), (056) 734 50 05

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