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ConcordBank and Checkbox give free months of using the SCR to individual entrepreneurs

ConcordBank and Checkbox give free months of using the SCR to individual entrepreneurs 

Searching for a SCR is becoming an increasingly important issue, as fines for non-use of SCR may return from July 1.

ConcordBank, together with Checkbox, continues the offer: if you connect acquiring in your smartphone, you get three months of using the SCR as a gift.

ConcordTap mobile acquiring is integrated with the SCR, which greatly simplifies the work of the seller. You accept payments and issue fiscal checks right in your smartphone.

Connecting is very easy:

  • Sign up in the ConcordBusiness application using this link and open a free account for an individual entrepreneur through Diia.
  • Apply for acquiring to accept card payments in your smartphone. Everything is done remotely.
  • Connect a mobile terminal to a software cash register from Checkbox.

For new Checkbox customers: 

the first 3 months of using the SCR - UAH 0 (for each SCR), then - UAH 178.8 per month. 

For existing Checkbox customers:

+ 2 months without a subscription fee in addition to the free month that you have already used for each SCR.

You can choose which account to use to transfer sales revenue: a free ConcordBank account for an individual entrepreneur or another account opened with any bank in Ukraine.

We would like to remind you that the fee for payments in ConcordBank is UAH 0, and the use of the account is free of charge. And in addition, you will have a personal manager and a platinum key card with privileges and discounts from Visa.


Free months of using the SCR are provided subject to the use of acquiring in a smartphone integrated with the Checkbox SCR.

Currently, the acquiring fee is 1.3%.


The offer is valid until August 31, 2023 for new business clients of ConcordBank.


Hurry up and take advantage of the offer!

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