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ConcordBank received the status of a large taxpayer

ConcordBank paid UAH 150 million of taxes and donated more than UAH 104 million to the AFU and charity.

In 2022, ConcordBank paid more than UAH 151 million of taxes and fees. These results allowed it to be registered with the Office of the State Tax Service for Large Taxpayers instead of a regular tax office. The bank helped the country with another UAH 104 million of charitable assistance, which was mainly aimed at strengthening the defense capabilities and supporting the AFU. This was announced by the Chairman of the Board of ConcordBank Yurii Zadoia.  

“ConcordBank paid over UAH 151 million to the state budget: UAH 141 million of taxes and almost UAH 10.7 million of mandatory contributions and fees to the budget. According to the results of 2022, ConcordBank was transferred from the regular tax office to the Office for Large Taxpayers. For us, this is also a sign of success," said Yurii Zadoia. – Ukraine needs a stronger economy and sustainable business development especially now, we understand this. The banking system is also a strategically important area, so it is important to keep this "front line". 

As for the support of the military front, the bank donated a significant part of its profits to the AFU during the year. 

“Supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine has become the main area of charity, in some months we have donated up to 50% of our profits. During the year of the full-scale invasion, ConcordBank donated more than UAH 104 million to charitable projects to protect Ukraine and support the AFU”, – said Yurii Zadoia.

Thanks to this, nearly 250 requests from military units have been fulfilled, which have received several unmanned aircraft systems, more than 40 quadcopters, about 50 thermal imagers and 30 radio stations, charging stations, generators, etc.

As reported by the media, ConcordBank financed the production of the largest batch of PK-8 sapper systems for the Territorial Defense Forces, and purchased two Ukrainian unmanned aircraft systems, the "Chaklun" and the "Kazhan". The main operator of the assistance is the DobroDii Charity Exchange.

In 2022, ConcordBank was included in the list of "25 Leading Banks of Ukraine during the War" (Financial Club), where it was ranked 15th among commercial and state-owned banks in Ukraine, which were evaluated in the study by more than 100 indicators.

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