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NEOBANK for everyone entered the top 10 most popular mobile applications of Ukrainian banks

Banker.ua published a rating of assessment of digitalization of state and commercial banks. 

The digital bank NEOBANK, operating under the license of ConcordBank, has demonstrated an active growth dynamics of application downloads and received a decent assessment from customers. This allowed us to rapidly strengthen our position in the rating and take the 8th place among all (!) mobile applications of Ukrainian commercial banks.

According to the editorial board, the war in Ukraine showed that the possibility of providing financial services online, clear communication and interaction in social networks turned out to be more necessary and relevant than ever in modern conditions. We created NEOBANK exactly like this almost two years ago. We strived to make banking more modern, clear and convenient in everything. To make the magic of Neo bring the future of digital banking in Ukraine closer and to have access to everything the client needs from one application. And according to surveys of users of banking services from Banker, NEOBANK succeeds in this.

NEOBANK for everyone demonstrates the best growth dynamics in the rating 

NEOBANK shows the best and steady growth in the main categories measured. Moreover, according to the rating of mobile application downloads in Google Play, NEOBANK is the only digital bank that has demonstrated growth by 4 points at once. For digital banks, this is the main indicator of customer trust and loyalty. 

In the App Store and Google Play thousands of users gave NEOBANK the highest rating, the average rating of the NEOBANK application is 4.6 out of 5 points. The assessment of the application also showed an increase by as much as 3 points in the rating of the specialized publication in the banking sector.

During 2022, NEOBANK made 17 updates and improvements for customers, which were also reflected in the functionality of the mobile application. More than 180 thousand people have downloaded the application of our digital bank, and this figure continues to grow. 

We thank everyone who has discovered our NEOBANK - the center for managing all financial flights. 

“Your trust and feedback with recommendations is the best reward for our team. We strive to make NEOBANK as convenient and useful for you as possible. In 2023 we continue to implement modern changes and updates of banking for our customers. Follow NEOBANK news in social networks and be the first to know about new releases” – Oksana Muntian, NEOBANK project manager, says.

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