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About cybersecurity firsthand: ConcordBank becomes an ambassador of financial literacy

It is important to teach the younger generation how to manage money, plan a family budget and save from an early age. And who can do it better than professionals working in the financial sector?

Therefore, ConcordBank joined the educational project of the National Bank of Ukraine "Financial Defense. Profession of a banker"

Among other events for young people, Valentyn Miniailo, a member of the Supervisory Board of CONCORD Bank and ambassador of joint educational programs with the NBU, told the 9th graders from the Lyceum of International Relations in Dnipro about cybersecurity in financial relations.

This is especially important for teenage students, as many of them receive their own bank cards at the age of 14. Therefore, it is important for boys and girls to know how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud at the beginning of their financial career.

Valentyn Miniailo told which bank card parameters cannot be disclosed under any circumstances, when it is worth setting individual limits, how often it is recommended to change the PIN code of the card, and how to protect a smartphone with NFS payment connected.

Unfortunately, the interesting lecture was interrupted by an alarm - a rocket attack began. But we hope that the lyceum students will use the knowledge gained in their lives, and some of them may join the large family of bank employees in the future.

Let's spread financial culture among young people together!

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