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On Children's Day, ConcordBank held an excursion for employees' children

The cycle of educational events for young people at CONCORD Bank continued on June 1 and 2. In honor of the International Children's Day, the managers of the financial institution invited the sons and daughters of their employees to an excursion. 

As part of the educational project of the National Bank of Ukraine "Financial Defense. Profession of a Banker", Valentyn Miniailo, member of the Supervisory Board of ConcordBank, ambassador of joint educational programs with the NBU, told teenagers about the history of Ukrainian money used in different ages.

Thus, back in the X-XI centuries, zlatniki and sriblianiki, the first ancient Russian coins of Vladimir the Great, appeared on Ukrainian lands. In the XI-XIV centuries, silver bullions - hryvnias - were used in Kyivan Rus.

The children looked with interest at the sketches of Ukrainian hryvnia banknotes of different generations. And then they looked at the collectible coins that the NBU issued in honor of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“We have three of these banknotes framed on the wall at home. My mom bought three banknotes at once when they were issued”, - said the girl when she saw a commemorative 20-hryvnia banknote in honor of the AFU.

It has already become a tradition that at the end of each excursion, the boys and girls together with the blacksmith make commemorative coins, making a wish beforehand. Before that, the blacksmith talks about the age-old traditions of his profession, the metals used to mint coins, and the myths and legends associated with it. 

After the excursion, the children enthusiastically told that they were very interested in learning where and how their parents work, and in minting their own talisman coins. As for the wish that children and teenagers have made before the minting, we can guess that they are waiting for our Victory most of all

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