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Choose your premium card of Visa or Mastercard payment system:
  • Credit limit – up to 100 000 thousand UAH (during martial law secured by collateral).
  • Access to over a thousand business lounges around the world.
  • Gestation period of up to 62 days (the period of credit funds free use).
  • 24/7 international medical and information support.
  • Personal banker.
  • Concierge service.

Platinum, Platinum (acted since 04.08.2023)

Platinum_Affluent, Platinum_Affluent (acted since 04.08.2023)

Significant characteristics of Platinum_Affluent card

Platinum Affluent сonsumer loan passport

Public contract

Platinum сonsumer loan passport

Significant characteristics of Platinum credit

Loan application



1. Warning about possible consequences for the Client in case of using the consumer credit service:

- when receiving the loan, the borrower incurs costs in the form of interest, fees and other charges for the services of the Bank according to the terms and conditions of the loan agreement;

- in case of untimely repayment of the credit indebtedness or other violations of the terms of the agreement, the Borrower may be subject to penalties in accordance with the terms of the loan agreement;

- in case of improper fulfillment by the Borrower of its obligations under the loan agreement, the Bank shall have the right to apply to the relevant government agencies in order to meet its requirements, including compulsorily;

- in case of improper fulfillment by the Borrower of its obligations under the loan agreement, the Bank shall have the right to apply to collection companies acting in the interests of the Bank;

- the Client has the right to withdraw from the concluded Agreement without explaining the reasons within 14 calendar days from the date of concluding the Agreement, of which the Client shall notify the Bank in writing. In this case, within 7 calendar days from the date of submission of the above notification the Client is obliged to return the funds received according to the Agreement to the Bank and pay interest for the period from the day of receiving the funds until the day of their return at the rate, established by the Agreement in accordance with Annex # 4 to the Public Agreement on comprehensive banking services for individuals of the JSC" JSCB "CONCORD";

- The customer has the right to terminate or cancel the agreement ahead of schedule by full early repayment of the credit debt. Any penalties in case of early (full or partial) repayment of the loan are not accrued and shall not be paid;

- information about the Borrower is provided to the Credit History Bureau, Credit Registry.

2. The Bank is prohibited to require the Client to purchase any goods or services from the Bank or a related or associated person as a prerequisite for providing these services (other than providing a package of banking services).

3. The client can refuse to receive promotional materials of the Bank by contacting the Call Center of the Bank by phone numbers: +38 (050) 734 50 05, +38 (068) 734 50 05, +38 (056) 734 50 05, or by leaving an application on the Bank's website.

4. The Bank has no right to unilaterally amend the agreements concluded with the Clients, unless otherwise stipulated by the agreement or the law.

Additionally with the Platinum package you can get:
  • More than 900 prestigious hotels in the world with privileges and the best prices, details here.
  • 1000 UAH - annual fee for the tariff package, 300 UAH - monthly fee for servicing accounts.
  • 24/7 remote control of funds in NEOBANK Internet-banking system.

Card issuance and account maintenance:

  • UAH 1000 - annual fee;
  • UAH 300 - monthly fee

or only 3,500 UAH for the whole year at once.

Required documents
  • Original passport
  • Original TIN
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